Compact and convenient fluid warmers

ivNow heat quickly and maintains a safe temperature of intravenous and irrigation fluids. The specially designed shape of the warming surface cradles 0.5-, 1-, 2- and 3-liter medical solution bags.

Each fluid warming compartment is separately controlled and has an L.E.D. display. Sensors within the heating plate detect the intravenous bag and this employs the heater to immediately warm the fluid.

Puts warmed fluid at your fingertips

The two built in temperature sensors monitor the temperature of the fluid continuously and maintain the fluid temperature within +0/-2ºC of the required temperature.

The electronic control monitors the length of time that any one bag has been held at a specific temperature.  This information can be displayed at the touch of a button. This will also flag up to the user when a fluid bag has been held at temperature for a period longer than 14 days. This puts you in total control of warmed fluid and gives you access to it where and when you need it.


The key features of the ivNow™ fluid warmers are:

  • Modular configuration

  • Wall-mounted, countertop, or pole-mounted options

  • Holds 0.5-, 1-, 2- or 3-litre medical solution bags

  • Anodized aluminium heat plate

  • Lightweight, medical grade plastic housing

  • Intelligent bag sensors

  • Dual temperature sensors

  • Heats to 40°C in 30 minutes or less. Accurate to +0°/-2°C

Possible configurations

Multiple chamber units are available from the factory in the following configurations as per below:

ivNow-1 (one bag capacity)
This is suitable for placement on a countertop, can be mounted on an optional countertop stand, can be mounted on a mobile equipment pole stand or attached to a wall using specially designed brackets. (Wall brackets are sold separately)

ivNow-2 (two bag capacity)
This is suitable for placement on a countertop, can be mounted on a countertop pedestal stand, or attached to a wall using specially designed brackets.  (Wall brackets are sold separately)

ivNow-3 (three bag capacity)
Only suitable for countertop pedestal stand, a heavy duty mobile equipment pole stand, or on a wall using mounting brackets.  (Wall brackets are sold separately)



When entering a hospital almost every patient will receive a bag of I.V. fluids. This would appear very simple however, warming fluids is a continual challenge faced by hospitals. With such a great variety of products being used and the increased scrutiny from accreditation agencies, warming fluids has become an extremly demanding task and a drain on hospital resources.

In-line warmers and fluid warming cabinets (which are not always available or require a long time to warm) have been the most commonly utilised ways to warm fluids until now. The ivNow takes approximately 25 minutes to warm a 1-litre bag of fluid. This means that a unit with 6-compartments will give more than 100-litres of warmed IV fluid over a 10-hour period. The temperature is set at a standard 40°C and there is an automated data recorder built in, this will track the shelf life of each bag and provides a notification when a bag is expired.


Video about how to use & maintain the ivNow IV Fluid Warmer.



ivNow Spec Sheet

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Knowledge base

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1 Consultant Anaesthetist, 2 Specialist Registrar, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK

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