Vimac Pro Video Laryngoscope with re-usable blades

Designed to present a consistent, clear and real-time view of patient's airway to physicians. To assist them getting a quicker and safer tracheal intubation.

Main features

  • Detachable & two-way rotatable 3-inch monitor.
  • High-resolution image quality
  • Sturdy and durable. All metal structure (aloy).
  • IPX7 for VL handle sealed with “SC-02”, easy and convenient immersion disinfection.
  • Converted to a direct laryngoscope quickly if needed.
  • One key controls: On/Off, Photo-taking & Video recording.
  • Large internal memory card for photo and video footage storage.
  • Reading out photo and video files is easy via the USB connection with magnetic connection.
  • Replaceable and rechargeable Li-ion battery.

image with the vimac pro assembly (parts)


Re-usable blades

The reusable blades are made of Al-Ti alloy and are strong, durable and reliable.

Suitable for all patients.

  Model Patient weight Suitable for
Miller style
1,37-5 Kg Preterm & Newborn
More curved style
5-15 Kg Baby & Infant
More curved style
15-25 Kg Children
More curved style
25-60 Kg Teen & Adult
Macintosh style
60-90 Kg Adult
RB-3D 60-90Kg Adult: Difficult airway
Macintosh style
≥ 90Kg Adult

afbeelding Vimac Pro Video Laryngoscope

NCR 18650B Li-ion Battery

  • NCR 18650B Li-ion Battery, 3.7 VDC, 3400mAh, 300 charge-discharge times.
  • With a fully charged battery: continuous working time: 240 min.


afbeelding Vimac Pro Video Laryngoscope

Sealing Cap (SC-02)

When sealed with the sealing cap SC-02, the water resistance of the VL handle can reach IPX7. Immersion disinfection is easy and convenient.


afbeelding Vimac Pro Video Laryngoscope

Direct Power Cap (DPC-02)

Wanting to perform a direct laryngoscopy, simply replace the display monitor with the DPC-02 Power Cap to convert the video laryngoscope  to a direct laryngoscope.


afbeelding Vimac Pro Video Laryngoscope

Packing & configuration

  • LCD monitor: 1 piece
  • Regular blade: 1 piece of your choice
  • 18650B Li-ion battery: 2 pieces
  • Battery charger: 1 set
  • USB data cable: 1 piece
  • PP water resistance suitcase: 1 set
  • To adjust with handles of every size you need.


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