Blanket warmers ensure patient comfort & satisfaction

Supporting Healthcare, in conjunction with Enthermics, can offer one of the most complete ranges of blanket warmers available on the market. We have smaller counter top units available as well as larger units for busy departments with greater necessities. The unique heating elements sets us apart from the competition as they provide peace of mind for infection control.

Enthermics blanket warming units provide a comfortable and pleasant patient experience which in turn improves patient satisfaction. With our patented multi-zone heating systems we are able to surround our blankets with safe, full-wall warmth which increases comfort. The blanket warmers can be set to a maximum of 93°C which will keep the blankets warmer for longer. This can be as much as 28°C higher than our competitors.

Medical blanket warmers

The DC & EC Series Blanket Warmers incorporate a multiple zone warming technology which can be heated where and when it is needed. All chamber surface temperatures are monitored, providing an efficient balance of heat, low energy consumption and minimal heat loss.  Interior lighting provides a comforting blue glow which has two different intensity settings Epoxy-coated interior surfaces. Which are available in five different cabinet sizes.


The most important features of the DC & EC Series Blanket Warmers are:

  • Intelligent multi-zone heating system, this prevents overheating, blanket scorching and discoloration. Actively monitors the temperature in each zone of the cabinet.
  • Energy-Efficient and long-lasting LED bulb lights interior, easy door operation and programmable controls
  • (DC series) Attractive design: soft corners, curved accents and muted colours, which blend perfectly with today's medical colour scheme

Which blanket warmer capacity?

This is a frequently asked question which determining the correct size required. This can be answered by using the following mathematics:

  • Fold the blanket however you would like, but be sure not compress the blanket.
  • Measure the width, depth and height of the blanket in inches.
  • Convert to cubic foot volume: W x D x H/1728 = cubic foot volume
  • How many blankets do you use in a two hour period?
  • (Step 3) x (Step 4 x 2) = Total capacity needed

Differences between de DC and the EC Series

Both series supply warm blankets to your patients in a temperature precise package. However, there are also some differences between the DC and the EC series.

  • The DC Series is a more affordable option to the Enthermics EC Series but still   maintaining a higher quality and value over the competition.
  • The new DC400 and DC 750 provide larger capacity of blanket warming and storage, as there is a possiblity to stack Enthermics DC Series cabinets to conserve space.

Key features DC Series

DC Series (DC250, DC350, DC400, DC750)

Heats safely and intelligently

  • The intelligent heating system in the DC Series blanket warmers prevents blankets from being overheated.
  • Patented multi-zone heating system actively monitors the temperature in each zone of the cabinet and only provides heat when it is needed, where it is needed. With no overheating, blanket scorching and discoloration are prevented.


  • Turns on the heat only in zones with fresh, unheated blankets
  • Efficient and long-lasting LED bulb lights interior
  • On-board diagnostics. Alerts staff when problems occur, such as power outages
  • On-board safety mechanisms prevent blanket overheating, even if a malfunction occurs due to external power surges.

Programmable controls

  • Optional timer turns warmer on and off at selected times
  • Set temperature can be locked

Attractive design

  • Soft corners and curved accents are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Muted colours  which compliment and blend with today's medical colour schemes.

Key features EC Series

EC Series (EC250, EC350, EC750, EC1540, EC2060)

Heavy Duty Hardware

  • Rugged, easy to grip handles with magnetic latch.
  • Large, commercial hinges are built to withstand years of heavy use.

Energy-ffficient full wall warming

  • Patented warming technology - this distributes warmth evenly to blankets.
  • Electothermal cable in the two sides and bottom of cabinet.
  • An exclusive, reliable, no-moving-parts warming feature.

Precision Electronic Controls

  • Easy to use, touch pad controls.
  • Audible alarm feature is included on all fluid warmers for overtemp situations.
  • Lock-out function is featured on all deluxe blanket warmers for extra security.
  • Easy to view LED readout.

Door Features

  • Snug fitting doors shut tightly to maintain temperature and conserve heat energy.
  • Insulated glass window doors provide at-a-glance inventory.
  • Front door/back door option, allowing warmers to be shared between areas, is available on selected blanket warmer models.


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