Mission statement

Supporting Healthcare's goal is to bring innovation on request, to be a platform for the healthcare professionals as well as for the healthcare consumers. This includes developing ideas and products and the sourcing of products with and for healthcare professionals but always with the benefits for the patients in mind.


Supporting Healthcare wants to approach and support the medical professional from another perspective. In our vision neither the product, nor the company are the centre of attention but the healthcare consumer and healthcare professional. We do not want to spill our resources on stone, glossy brochures and shining sets of wheels.  As proof of our philosophy we are the first large firm with a virtual office.  The doors are 24/7 open and access is easy from all over the world.

Supporting Healthcare’s main focus is innovation, not as a goal on it’s own but on directions provided by the healthcare professional and health consumer.

Supporting Healthcare holds the opinion that medical device management should be instrumental to healthcare providers and consumers. In our point of view the question is :

“In which way does the health consumer or healthcare professional benefit?"

Supporting Healthcare is an State of the Art medical company, new style. Our goal is to be the place where creativity and interaction between all stakeholder in healthcare, company’s , nurses , doctors and above all the patients find it’s way.

Saving through innovation

Least but not last is the financial aspect. Healthcare suffers from an ever-increasing cost issue. Our business model is based on reducing unnecessary costs, ballast. This way we can project our focus on our most important mission: Saving through innovation.