Experienced in Healthcare and commercial medical sales scope

Supporting Healthcare is a Public Limited Company which was established in mid 2013. Despite being relevantly young business we have many years of experience within our company.  For an innovative medical company it's introduction into the market is vital.  Supporting healthcare has strong, deeply rooted experience within the medical healthcare field. We have highly skilled employees with decades of experience, not to mention health care professionals and also experienced personnel in commerical sales within the medical market. This is also combined with in-depth knowledge of logistics, import and export of all relevant legal and customs experise.  This makes Supporting Healthcare a strong and reliable partner.   With all this knowledge and experience at our disposal we are able to answer questions from both sides of the spectrum, ie the end user as well as from a commercial and legal stand point.

Innovative Partner

Supporting Healthcare is built around innovation in the broadest sense of the word. Our R & D department develops products from our own ideas but also those of others. From these ideas innovative products emerge. This ideas don't come from the desk of an engineer, they originate on the work floor. 

Hospital Procurement

Our Sales department has not followed in the same old tired footsteps but is paving the way for new paths with regards to the hospital procurement process.  Internet plays an increasingly important role in society as a point of sale this is mainly due to the fact that it is far more accessible, faster and a more cost-effective way of providing products. This makes it possible to offer products that need more customisation or support. A optimal utilisation of people and resources leads to a better price.

Finally, we can offer a wide range of products and services to existing companies within the medical wholesale field using our B2B model.  Again, employing our innovate ways of working and utilising our extensive knowledge of import, export and customs regulations.