The Pocket Video Laryngoscope (PVL)

Designed for everyday use in conventional and complex intubation procedures

The Pocket Video Laryngoscope (PVL) is designed to present a consistent, clear, real-time view of patient's airway to physicians, and to assist them in getting a quicker and safer tracheal intubation.

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There are two different models of Pocket Video Laryngoscope (PVL-I-01 & PVL-I-02) available for different situations and/or different physicians. PVL-I-01 is suitable for baby and infant patients and PVL-I-02 for adult patients.

Both of them are designed to be used with disposable blades which are known as “Single-Use VL Blade”.  The blades come in configurations our customers are familiar with for many years.

Handheld and user-friendly

The Pocket Video Laryngoscope is a portable, foldable, handheld and user-friendly medical device. Its “onetouch button” controls the device’s all functions such as On/Off, Photo-Taking and Video-Recording. Its 3” display monitor is completely foldable and two-way rotatable, which offers clarity for real-time viewing, optimal for image recording and analysis during tracheal intubation or the laryngopharynx examination and treatment. And the digital video output is ideal for display video recordings.

The Pocket video laryngoscopes and their “Single-Use VL Blade” are available in a wide range of configuration and size, allow clinicians to meet the requirements of patients ranging in size from preterm to morbidly obese.

The device also incorporates a rechargeable 18500A lithium battery and an anti-fogging mechanism. The 18500A battery is interchangeable. The water-resistance of VL handle is IPX7 and IPX4 for the 3” monitor.

Model & Size Difference

As mentioned above, PVL-I-01 is designed for babies & infants and PVL-I-02 for adults. They must be used with their own sterile disposable blades in our well known configurations.






Knowledge base

Download Technical data sheet
Publication date: 14-05-2020
Category: Specifications sheet
PVL-I Technical data sheet-20200514 English
Download PVL-I User Manual -V2.0-200330
Publication date: 31-03-2020
Category: Product Manual
PVL-I User Manual -V2.0-200330

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