Checkmed provides a double check, promotes hygiene and contributes to the prevention of wound infections

Checkmed provides you with a clear and simple method to prepare and control medication in the OR. This greatly improves safety.

Sensitive for errors in the coordination of an OR

The current working procedure is that syringes and medication are arranged by an anaesthetist (anaesthesiologist), on every injection there is an ampoule. A second employee distributes the medication into the corresponding syringe. This is confirmed by both members of staff and initialled. This medication is then generally placed into a disposable pulp sick bowl. This procedure itself can differ per hospital and can be more or less extensive. This is a very simple procedure but can be prone to errors due to the hectic environment of an OR.

Checkmed is designed to provide a controlled and structured approach. The medication and the content of the syringe remain intact until the moment of administering the drug. Checkmed is designed to provide that all important double check. Through the use of markers it can be determined if all control conditions are fully satisfied.

Key Features

The key features and advantages of Checkmed are:

  • This is made for and by anaesthetists
  • Developed on the bases of feedback received from anesthesia personnel and anaesthesiologists
  • IGZ, MediRisk and WIP guidance requirements adhered to for design
  • Clearly structured design
  • Relationship between the medication and injection continues until time of administrating the drug
  • Small, compact and light-weight
  • Made from dust-free, biodegradable starch product (Paperfoam©)
  • Dust-free, therefore anti-bacteria
  • Disposable, so no negative hygiene issues


Patient safety is paramount for all hospital treatments. The ICZ stated in its report “Standardization is indispensable for reducing risks in operational process” the double checking of medication is essential for patient care. Errors in medication are one of the major risks in the treatment process. After 4 years of supervision and emphasis being placed on the importance of a double-check, as of 2013, only a quarter of the hospitals are adhering to these procedures. There is also no standard practices in place for the preparation of medication. Unfortunately, errors happen all too often due to the current system of using a disposable sick bowl for medication preparation.

Medirisk, the major insurer for hospitals also demands in the interest of patient safety the double check procedures are put in place. The Medirisk precedent gives a clear message.

Introduction of the double check

Introduction of the double check remains sometimes difficult, mostly with regards to the fact that “old habits die hard”. The carton sick bowl was for many years used as a standard procedure. Not originally designed for this function but cheap and readily available. In addition the cardboard is crude and dusty so an excellent carrier for bacteria, which in turn can lead to would infections arising.

There are currently non-disposable applications available however, the downside is they are heavy and cannot be moved to the patient. They of course also require cleaning. This is essential because of the some medication actually promote bacteria. Spillages on this non-disposable equipment will provide a breeding ground for bacteria and sufficient cleaning of the equipment can prove difficult in stressful situations and cannot be executed in a correct manner.

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