Services Supporing Healthcare

Supporting Healthcare offers several support services:

Product development

Supporting healthcare is on a constant quest for new innovative ideas leading to possible new products. Do not hesitate to share your ideas under a strict guarantee of confidentiality from our side. Supporting healthcare could help you to propel your ideas to the next level.

Product search

Are you a private company, hospital or medical professional searching for a new product for you specific needs?   Is your current product not economical or does not live up to your expectations in quality or reliability?  Supporting Healthcare is in contact with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide and can help to source tailor made products to suit your specifications.


Supporting Healthcare can provide solutions when you are trying to source specific products at a competitive price.  Also, in sourcing the same products are you currently using but for more advantageous conditions.

OEM production

Supporting Healthcare can support companies searching for products to market under their own brand name or who are in search of the right supplier. In addition Supporting Healthcare can provide support in finding a supplier offering conditions for you specifications we can also offer logistic services including legislation, warehousing, customs and transport.

Delegated purchasing

Supporting Healthcare can function as a middleman for hospitals and private clinics who want to combine their strength to obtain better economies of scale.  For commercial and political reasons an independent entity such as Supporting Healthcare can greatly assist with these processes  as we have the necessary network and the experience.


Through our own R&D and product scourcing we can bring innovative to the market, selling in a more traditional wholeseller role. These products can be found and purchased though our website.