Together we can do more

Although being a young company in itself, Supporting Healthcare can boast a rich and long standing background. Supporting healthcare is born out of several strong branches intertwined and grown solid together:

  • Healthcare professionals, who after a long and successful career in the medical field, decided to shift their focus to the medical device industry, building a successful firm and from there on further developed in R&D.
  • Logistic millipede’s, knowledgeable in an exceptional way in the field of fiscal, customs, in and export legislation, with the focus on compliance and quality.
  • Healthcare professionals with a long standing and broad experience in medical whole sales.
  • Business outsourcing specialists, structured and reliable, doubles top notch in sale and marketing.

Given this background Supporting Healthcare is a strong solid and solvable company. It is the strength in the different background with a unequalled worldwide network in a broad array of professional fields that forms the unique position of Supporting Healthcare.

It is the in-depth knowledge and broad experience out of hands on experience while building their businesses, which lead to this new lean concept in the medical industry. To strip all side-tracks and the choice to outsource every service beside or core business give Supporting Healthcare the unique ability to focus just on what is most important. Service for our clients and deliver services and or products for a fair and honest price.