Supporting Healthcare in 2014

Now we are at the beginning of 2014 and it is with great pleasure that we would like to present our products to you. All of our products are incompliance with European standards.

afbeelding Supporting Healthcare in 2014

In the near future it will be possible to purchase our products easily via our webshop. 

We will start by introducing Checkmed and the innovative ivNow.  Both of which contribute to increased safety, infection prevention and in addition they are cost effective. IvNow provides warm intravenous and irrigation fluids where and when they are directly needed, even in the OR. You can also get acquainted with the products that we will be presenting to you over the coming months, these can be found via our webshop.


In week 9, 2014 Supporting Healthcare introduces Checkmed to colleagues working in anesthesiology. We would be very interested to receive your feedback on this product. Please click on the below link for a short survey (Dutch).

Start Checkmed survey (Dutch)

Have you not already received a sample? Or would you like to receive more information? Please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to send you a sample of Checkmed.

Please check our product page for more information about Checkmed and other products available from Supporting Healthcare.

afbeelding Supporting Healthcare in 2014



Also available through Supporting Healthcare: The revolutionary ivNow and a range of fluid warmers from Enthermics. These fluid warmers provide cost savings as they will save on installation costs compared with inline warmers and ensure that warm fluids are available at your fingertips. Even in the OR.

Available Soon

In 2014 the following products will be available in our webshop.

afbeelding Supporting Healthcare in 2014


Coming soon top quality labels, markers and ribbon in an extensive assortment for use in hospitals and laboratories. These include, among others cryogenic, deep-freeze, xylene and solvent-resistant labels. The labels are SHC own brand name prdoucts.

In the very near future our product line will include Checkmed and Labels. This in conjunction with our Doublecheck Assistant and MioCare will provide a complete package for the most optimal safety when administering medication.

afbeelding Supporting Healthcare in 2014

Uniflex (-nano) and Lapflex (M&L)

Keyboard and laptop covers, anti-bacterial and/or disinfectant

Keyboard and laptop covers from Baaske are an anti-bacterial film (with the silver containing IraguardB500) which reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. This can be cleaned with a disinfectant spray and this also protects against any penetration of liquids into the keyboard or laptop. The lifespan of the products is up to 3 months you will know when the product need replaced as this is recognizable by discoloration (yellow tint).

Infusion and syringe pump from WIT Medical

The infusion and syringe pump is very comprehensive and user friendly With six different infusion modes to choose from, a bolus option, piggyback option and anti-reverse function. Complete with a digital display and menu lock against unforeseen dose changes. The pumps also feature extensive medication library, double CPU and a battery life of more than 7 hours.

afbeelding Supporting Healthcare in 2014

Innovative disposables for gynecology

From Kencap Medical Solutions we have a wide range of disposables including the smart tools series ScopicLine and GyniusBiopsyPunch ®. The instruments were originally designed to be used in gynecology but are increasingly finding their way into other branches such as A & E and General Surgery. ScopicLine, due to its unique shape provides an excellent view of the working area. The Genius Biopsy Punch provides the ability to extract a sample without the need of a second instrument.

Medstrap Holster

  • Simple disposable suction tip holster which is specifically designed for individual patient use.
  • Easily affixed to any bedrail as well as in post surgery or Intenstive Care.
  • The one piece design with oval aperature near the top for insertion of folded suction tubing eliminating noise.
  • Reservoir at bottom prevents suction tip from sitting in secretions.

In the near future

We will offer a selection of medical products from one of the largest wholesalers supplying hospitals and nursing home in the USA via our webshop.

In due course we will complete our range of infusion warmers with Genflow inline blood and infusion warmers from Medlume scientific. These warmers operate without added disposables and require little maintenance whereby total costs are kept to a minimum.

Also we have a number of our own products currently in development which we will tell you more about in the near future.

Check our website regularly for the latest news on this and upcoming products or sign up to our mailinglist using the registration form which can be found at the bottom of each page.

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