SHC Introduces the Medan Video Laryngoscope

It is with great pride that SHC would like to introduce the first truly affordable solution to video laryngoscopy: The Medan VL system. With this system we make video laryngoscopy accessible to every doctor and every patient.

This bridges the gap between the familiar classic laryngoscopy with all the benefits of video laryngoscopy.

Almost all disadvantages, large and small complications of direct larynoscopy can be avoided by using the Medan system. Medan offers a wide range of disposable blades covering virtually the whole of the Macintosh spectrum. In addition, there is also a choice between a standard blade and an advanced blade with tube guidance which will make the use of a stylet superfluous.

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A new curved laryngoscope blade for routine and difficult tracheal intubation. Abstract by: Nishikawa K1, Yamada K, Sakamoto A. We have designed a new curved laryngoscope blade based on a new concept of reversing the peardrop [...]