Supporting Healthcare: Exhibition Stand at the NOSTRA 2015

Supporting Healthcare will present it's innovative and cost effective MEDAN Video Laryngoscope at the NOSTRA 2015, the 10th Accident & Emergency convention from the AGNN in Lübeck-Travemünde. (

MEDAN Video Laryngoscope

On 23-25 April 2015 all interested 'fellow' colleagues in Germany will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the MEDAN Video Laryngoscope. Supporting Healthcare will attempt to illustrate during this step by step presentation just how  traditional laryngoscopy can be completely replaced by MEDAN Video Laryngoscopy.

The MEDAN Video Laryngoscope, it's purpose primarily is Anaesthesia, was presented to 'fellow' colleagues at the end of January 2015 at the Arab Health trade fair in Dubai.

By moving over to the MEDAN Video Laryngoscope as opposed to direct Laryngoscopy the possible complications, which are characteristically involved with classical intubations, can be prevented.

The MEDAN Video Laryngoscope comes as standard with a metal handle making it suitable for direct laryngoscopy.  It has a steady image, is easy to operate and has a photo and video functionality.

The MEDAN Video Laryngoscope is actually like having "two in one'': a connection, which is bridging the gap between traditional intubation and video laryngoscopy.

Supporting Healthcare Europe offers a simple and affordable solution, not only for potentially complicated or complex procedures but for all intubations

A new curved laryngoscope blade for routine and difficult tracheal intubation. Abstract by: Nishikawa K1, Yamada K, Sakamoto A. We have designed a new curved laryngoscope blade based on a new concept of reversing the peardrop [...]