Supporting Healthcare: Exhibition Stand at the 29. Sylter Woche der Anästhesie 2015

Supporting Healthcare will present it's innovative products at the Sylter Woche der Anästhesie.

For 29 years this event at the Conference centre of Sylt, offers updates as well as internationally significant workshops for training of Anesthetists and fieldworkers involved in Anesthesia. 

Supporting Healthcare will present their Medan videolaryngoscope, Enthermics modular warming equipment and the Anestetix™ simulator.

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The anestetix Simulator

The anestetix Simulator

On 5-10 September 2015 all interested 'fellow' colleagues will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Anestetix™ simulator.

Using modern computergame technology the Anestetix™ simulator generates a virtual intubation environment. The software is regularly updated and upgraded and new features are being added continuously. We have included a video library with a number of videos on relevant facts, materials and methods as well as alternatives and airway assessment.

A new curved laryngoscope blade for routine and difficult tracheal intubation. Abstract by: Nishikawa K1, Yamada K, Sakamoto A. We have designed a new curved laryngoscope blade based on a new concept of reversing the peardrop [...]