Certa Catheter™ a complete system within continuous peripheral nerve block

(distributed in Germany by SHC)

Addressing pain associated with surgery is a cornerstone in optimising patient outcomes. However, achieving prolonged analgesia after painful surgery is a persistent challenge.

Certa Catheter™, a innovative concept within continuous peripheral nerve block, is developed by Ferrosan Medical Devices from the idea of Danish anaesthesiologists.


Certa Catheter™ utilises the concept of a curved needle with the catheter attached to the tail of the needle so it is placed like a suture with an entry and an exit hole.

more information on the Certa Catheter™ website

Certa Catheter™ is highly visible on ultrasound and its position can be placed precisely at the target nerve.

Certa Catheter™ can be placed with almost 100% success rate. Since the Certa Catheter™ is anchored in both ends and has a larger diameter than the needle the dislocation rate is low. Certa Catheter™ can be repositioned in case of dislodgement. 

Certa Catheter™ is developed with echogenic markings that are visible under ultrasound guidance.

More information on the Certa Catheter™ website


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